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Today I want to share an article with you about cleansing grains. Cleansing is one of the most important steps in skincare, if not the most important. Cleansing helps remove makeup, dirt, grime, and bacteria from your skin allowing it to breathe and rest.

Over the past few months, I’ve been getting into using cleansing grains on days that I didn’t wear makeup. The reason being, on days that I did wear makeup, I prefer to use an oil-based cleanser then a water-based cleanser in a two-step process called double cleansing. I will discuss double cleansing in another post 😉

So let’s get into the nitty gritty of cleansing grains!

From the article “Cleansing Grains: The Natural Exfoliant for Sensitive Skin” by Victoria Hoff I have pulled key points to share with you ~

Earlier this year, President Obama signed a bill to officially ban the use of microbeads in the United States—a long-awaited victory for environmentalists, since the tiny plastic spheres found in toothpaste and skin scrubs have been found to severely impact marine life after they make their way from our drains to our oceans. Microbeads aren’t just bad for the environment, but for your skin as well because scrubbing your face with plastic is too abrasive for a healthy complexion (especially if you have sensitive skin). The good news is that there has long since been a huge array of skin-buffing alternatives on the market—and recently, there has been a resurgence of this old-school, all-natural remedy that’s suitable for all skin types known as cleansing grains.

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For those of you that are unfamiliar with cleansing grains, they are a powdered face wash, typically made with natural ingredients like oats, nuts, seeds, herbs, or clay powder. As you might have guessed, it has roots as a home remedy for smooth skin, as it’s easy to whip up your own custom blend. When combined with water, the mix becomes a gritty paste that serves as a cleanser and gentle face scrub.

When winter air has already rubbed your skin raw, you might feel inclined to skip exfoliation, but cell turnover is still important. That is why cleansing grains are so great because they cleanse and gently exfoliate the skin at the same time.

Here are a few cleansing grains that I am using and loving!1c06eca0075eb5d7922b811ff34856cb18af12b4-classic-rice-enzyme-powderTatcha Classic Rice Enzyme Powder $65

Water-activated enzyme powder exfoliant and cleanser consisting of rice bran, papaya, and their anti-aging HADASEI-3ℱ Complex. I use this one when I want baby soft skin and the mildest exfoliation because the grains are very fine.


Farmacy NEW DAY Gentle Exfoliating Grains | $30

Rice and cranberry seeds are the starring ingredients in this blend, along with skin-soothing supporting players like willow bark, carrot, green tea, and an extract of echinacea. I use this one when I need some extra exfoliation because it has the largest grains.


Honest Beauty Refreshingly Clean Powder Cleanser | $22

It contains chamomile, calendula, and aloe to calm and soothe. Aspen bark gently exfoliates, leaving skin smoother and brighter. Zea mays, oat and rice powder help to absorb excess oil keeping skin balanced. I personally love this one for travel because they come in these cute individual packages.

CAP Beauty, West Village, NYC

Leahlani Skincare Kalima Cleansing Powder | $46

Silken coconut milk, soothing oatmeal, vitamin and antioxidant rich tropical fruits, softening clays and organic vanilla beans come together to create the most exotic and opulent cleansing powder you have ever experienced. This one smells so yummy! I love to use this cleaner in the morning because it wakes me up and puts me in a great mood.


May Lindstrom The Clean Dirt | $60

An energizing blend of cleansing clays, warming spices, and healing salts lifts impurities while a surge of H2O-activated Vitamin C encourages cellular rejuvenation and increased blood flow. The name really describes this cleanser. It really does feel and smell a bit like dirt, but I love it because it’s grounding and in my opinion, it provides the perfect amount of exfoliation.

Or, make your own…

Choose a grain (oats are an easy pick) as a base and select add-ins based on your skin issues. For example, peppermint, lavender, and chamomile all help combat redness, while tea tree is great for combating blemishes. Blitz all your ingredients in a high-speed blender or food processor until you have a fine powder, bottle, and go!

Have you tried cleansing grains before? If so, what is your favorite one to use? You can leave any questions or comments in the comment box below and have a wonderful day!


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