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    Why Tongue Scrape?

    Tongue scraping is an ancient Ayurvedic practice. The tongue is the mirror to all the organs of the body, therefore, your tongue is a useful way of evaluating the health of…

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    Why I Love Dry Brushing

    Dry brushing was introduced to me by one of my dear friends who is half Finnish/Swedish. While we were on vacation together in Greece, I complained about the cellulite on my…

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    Coffee Body Scrub

    I am a self-proclaimed coffee enthusiast! If I don’t have a good cup of coffee in the morning, I feel like something is missing. As a matter of fact, it is…

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    The Benefits of Avocado Oil

    Avocados are believed to have originated from Puebla, Mexico and the oldest evidence of avocado use dates to around 10,000 BC. I’m sure many of you already know the amazing benefits…

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