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    Beauty Health

    Why Use Organic Fresh Face Masks?

    What are organic fresh face masks? Organic fresh face masks are masks made with organic ingredients that you have right in your kitchen. These masks are great because they only contain…

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    Beauty Travel

    Thailand: Part 1

    I am pleased to announce that my first travel diary is based on Thailand. Thailand holds a special place in my heart! I was recently in Bangkok, but I have been…

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    Why I Love Dry Brushing

    Dry brushing was introduced to me by one of my dear friends who is half Finnish/Swedish. While we were on vacation together in Greece, I complained about the cellulite on my…

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    Beauty Health

    Coffee Body Scrub

    I am a self-proclaimed coffee enthusiast! If I don’t have a good cup of coffee in the morning, I feel like something is missing. As a matter of fact, it is…

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    Ultra Hydrating Masks

    As a half-Korean, I love to keep up with the latest Korean beauty trends. Many people associate Korean beauty with plastic surgery and while Koreans can be extreme in that regard,…

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    The Importance of Natural Ingredients

    I personally like to incorporate natural ingredients into my beauty routine in order to give my skin a break from chemicals that are in most cosmetics, lotions, oils, scrubs, soaps, etc.…

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