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    Beauty Health

    Why Use Organic Fresh Face Masks?

    What are organic fresh face masks? Organic fresh face masks are masks made with organic ingredients that you have right in your kitchen. These masks are great because they only contain…

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    Beauty DIY

    Five DIY Face Masks to Try this Winter

    Hello Global Beauties, Now that winter is approaching, it is time to do some serious thinking about protecting your skin in this unpredictable weather. Personally, my skin tends to start become…

  • fall skincare favorites

    Fall Skincare

    When I think of Fall, I think of the leaves changing colors, pumpkin spice lattes, sweater weather, and red wine with friends. Fall also means that my skin will slowly start…

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    Sea Daffodil & Skin Benefits

    Pancratium maritimum, or sea daffodil, is a species of bulbous plant native to both sides of the Mediterranean region and Black Sea from Portugal, Morocco and the Canary Islands east to…

  • My Skincare Evolution (3)

    My Skincare Evolution

    As I recently turned 30 years old, for this post I will be sharing with you my skincare evolution from my late teens until today. From a young age, my mother…

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    Beauty Travel

    Thailand: Part 2

    Welcome to part 2 of my Thailand travel diary. This is a continuation of my last post about natural Thai beauty. While I was in Thailand, I researched several beauty companies both…

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    The Importance of Natural Ingredients

    I personally like to incorporate natural ingredients into my beauty routine in order to give my skin a break from chemicals that are in most cosmetics, lotions, oils, scrubs, soaps, etc.…

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